KG Max Fitness Results

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Best coach and personal trainer there is!!!!!! If you are looking for the best results in Colorado Springs I highly recommend him!! Kris showed me that I needed more than just Cardio, he showed me that with resistance training and nutrition, I could lose weight faster and keep it off.

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A great trainer who can train all levels of fitness! My goal was to get back to my high school weight! Thanks to Kris, I did!!!

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I am in my 50s. Kris has helped me gain definition and my strength has improved greatly.

8 Week Transformation

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I was with another trainer for awhile and all I lost was $1800! After only 8 weeks with Kris, I am starting to see changes in my stomach and arms. Very pleased!

10 Week Transformation

"After 10 weeks I lost 20 lbs. I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I have more energy to get through the day and feel great!