Online Program

Join me online for a personalized workout, training, videos, personal interaction and accountability. My program will absolutely make you stronger. Improve your form, learn tricks using posture and core. I will show you some of the best ways to improve your performance and maximize your time at the gym. Give me try! Below is a link to my program with different offers. See you soon!

My Online Program

Click the link below to learn more about my online tracking program. Give me a call and I can explain this program in more detail. I look forward to talking with you! Let's get started!!!

Personal Training in Colorado Springs

Thank you for showing interest in KG Max Fitness online personal training program. 

In my online training segment, I will construct a workout program that will fit your personal needs & goals. We will conduct weekly check-ins via e-mail, Facebook, or Skype. I will be with you along the journey making sure the program is working for you as everyone is different and you are not in this alone. Click here to invest in your health and fitness.


See results! I will help you stay on track and accountable to reach the goals that are important to you. You don't have to do this alone!